The Relationship Between Handwriting & Reading in Autism

A relationship between reading and handwriting skills was investigated. Bivariate statistical tests suggest that children with ASD express significantly weaker correlations between reading and handwriting than do neurotypicals, children who are not on the autism spectrum. Tailoring the literacy-learning classroom for literacy abilities peculiar to autism, allow for a new wave of differentiation in ICT classrooms.

An Adaptive & Integrative Knowledge Base Expert Suite for the Screening of Learning Disabilities

IEEE Region 1 Best Paper Award; A knowledge-based diagnosis system to assess/affirm the need for a formal diagnosis and treatment for autism. The system spans most intellectual disabilities and the symptoms thereof related to ASD to suggest individualized medical and educational support for the patient. Future objectives are focused on the system's evaluation by domain experts and potential users in terms of validity, reliability, benefits, limitations, and risks.

Audio-Visual Simulation for Children with Hearing & Learning Difficulties

A template of responsive music simulations for children with hearing impairments or on the autism/ADHD spectrum.

Relating Introspective Abilities to Enhance Special-Needs Literacy Instruction in ICT Setting

A talk given at the IEEE Northeast regional conference and a guest lecture at the New York Institute of Technology

Curriculum Design

LIU SPBAIS Proposal for MBA/MSRE in Urban Development & Real Estate

Curriculum outline and proposal for an innovative, interdisciplinary degree that combines entrepreneurship, real estate, and urban development with liberal arts training to provide students with the integrative literacies necessary for careers in real estate.

LIU Brooklyn Computer Science & Business Lesson Plans Compilation

Compilation of lesson plans and class notes for Spring 2019 semester—contact for updated/complete lesson plans or full curriculums for:

Sp19 BUS 110, Business Information Systems Sp19 CS 102, ECI Programming in C++ Sp19 CS 117 (temp), Advanced Programming in C++ F18 CS 102, Programming in C++ F18 CS 101, ECI Fundamentals of Computer Science Su18 SHI, Creativity Coding Academy

Data Manipulation & Management

Improving the K-means Algorithm using Voronoi Diagrams

This research reviews current literature on Voronoi diagrams and investigates its potential application in clustering uncertain data. The proposed methods are experimentally applied to various artificial as well as real datasets of various dimensions;

Consolidated Edison Governance, Risk, and Compliance Solution—Data Manager

Staging repo for RSA Archer GRC Solution, nicknamed 'Data Manager'—an intelligent consolidator of relevant external and internal regulatory items.

Consolidated Edison Compliance Tracking System Early-Stage Requirements
Redacted Document
Consolidated Edison Feeds & Parsers & Scrapers

Example implemented for parsing and scraping data from feeds or websites. Example on LexisNexis regulatory data.


AlterEgo: A Personalized Wearable Silent Speech Interface

Supplementary materials created through Stanford Scholars Initiative; 23rd International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces (IUI 2018), pp. 43-53, with A. Kapur, S. Kapur, and P. Maes

Using Contact Forces and Robot Arm Accelerations to Rate Surgeon Skill at Peg Transfer

Supplementary materials created through Stanford Scholars Initiative; in IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering, vol. 64, no. 9, pp. 2263-2275, Sept. 2017, with J. D. Brown, C. E. O’Brien, S. C. Leung, K. R. Dumon, D. I. Lee, and K. J. Kuchenbecker

Artificial Intelligence

Learning Classifier Systems: A Complete Introduction, Review, and Roadmap

Supplementary materials created through Stanford Scholars Initiative; Journal of Artificial Evolution and Applications , vol. 2009, no. 1, Jan. 2009, with R. J. Urbanowicz, and J. H. Moore

Software & Programming

An Approximate Dynamic Programming Algorithm for Large-Scale Fleet Management

Supplementary materials created through Stanford Scholars Initiative; Journal of Transportation Science , vol. 42, pp. 178-197, May 2009, with H. P. Simão, J. Day, A. P. George, T. Gifford, J. Nienow, and W. B. Powell

Source Code Vulnerabilities & Improvements to the SDLC

This paper focuses particularly on how code review, relative to the SDLC, improves traditional methods of testing and reveals defects that are challenging to discover when dealing with a black-box application.

Analysis & Demonstration of Common Object Broker Architecture

2018 lesson plan and materials for graduate operating systems course (CS 643).

Applied Mathematics

New Conceptual Design of the Adaptive Compliant Aircraft Wing Frame

Reviewer & Editor, in the Elsevier Jounral of Engineering Science and Technology , with A. V. Ivchenko, N. Sharonov, R. Ziatdinov, pending publication 2019

Generalization of Log-Aesthetics Curves via Similarity Geometry

Reviewer & Editor, in the Springer Journal of Industrial and Applied Mathematics, vol. 36, pp. 239-259, Jan 2019, with J. Inoguchi, K. Miura, R. Ziatdinov

Universal Software Platform for Visualizing Class F Curves, Log-Aesthetic Curves, and Development of Applied CAD Systems

Editor, in the Journal for Scientific Visualization, National Research Nuclear University, vol. 10, no. 3, pp. 85-98, May 2018, with R. Ziatdinov, V. G. Muftejev, R. I. Akhmetshin, A. P. Zelev, R. I. Nabiyev, A. R. Mardanov